Clothes into Quilts

Celebrating important life passages by turning yesterday's clothes into today's quilts

We all have them - special clothes we can't bear to pass on or throw out.  Instead we pack them away in a box.  Piles of infant sleepers, worn only briefly, or your father's flannel shirts, worn over decades, evoke powerful memories. Transform these precious clothes into a warm quilt that you can use and cherish for a lifetime.

I make quilts that celebrate people, vacations, places, events, and ideas. My quilts commemorate births and marriages. They remind us of loved ones who have died, and bring comfort to the bereaved. They connect generations, and honor a family's 
heritage. I use baby clothes, blankets, bibs and hats, souvenir t-shirts, racing bibs, tea towels, flags and indeed, all types of clothing to stitch together memories. Enjoy the clothes that have special meaning in your life, instead of storing them out of sight in a closet or attic. Turn them into a quilt!

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